“The Bell Baptist Association of Churches is committed to empowering, enabling, and assisting member churches to accomplish their
Great Commission.”

2016-2017 Theme

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Missions being supported by the  Bell Association

· Centro Cristiano Moreh, Eduardo Carrasquillo, Pastor.

· Everyday Disciples Church, Rich Diaz, Pastor.

· Freedom Road Biker Church, Jimmy Van Loozen, Pastor. 

· Light House Worship Center, Billy Rosebur, Pastor.

· Little River Country Church, Will Passmore, Pastor.

· Mosaic Fellowship,
Russell Jones, Pastor.

Churches in Bell Association that have open staff positions.
Pray for our
Bell Association churches that are seeking pastors and other staff positions
Click here for a complete list of churches:

We would like to encourage everyone who can, to please join us at the BBA Missions Center in the Moon Bldg at UMHB every Tuesday at two for prayer. We are praying for revival in our hearts, homes and churches.

Bell Baptist Association 2017 Summer Missionaries

We are excited to announce the
Summer Missionaries for Bell Baptist Association.

Ashli Adams, Brittany McGee, Emily Elsom, Fayeth Lewis, Georgia Lewis,
Katie Stringer, and Rebekah Mills will be serving our churches this summer


We have been so blessed with our Summer Missionaries in the past, and we know that God has great things in store for these

 young people this summer. God can use each of these individuals to impact the lives of hundreds of children, youth and adults this
summer. Please join us in prayer as we eagerly wait and watch to see how God impacts our community through their ministry.



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Ashli Adams is a Senior, Business Computers Information Systems major at UMHB. She is a member of Temple
Bible Church and teaches an 8th grade Bible study there. She loves traveling with them and getting to know different people. She has been on mission to Galveston, she loves singing and
performing praise dance

Brittany McGee is a Junior, Education major at UMHB. She is member of Parkway Baptist in College Station. She has been an RA at college, involved in quite a few organizations on campus and loves leading VBS. She wants to one day be a 3rd grade teacher.

Emily Elsom is a Freshman, Music Education major at UMHB. She is a member of Taylor’s Valley BC and loves helping and serving others. Band and music have been a big part of her life and she would like to share her love of music with others.

Fayeth Lewis is Freshman Special Education major transferring to UMHB in the fall. She is a member of Westside BC and has been heavily involved in community service and serving at church. She has been on several missions trips, loves cheer and drama. She would love to combine teaching with being a cheer coach.

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Georgia Lewis is a Senior Education major at UMHB. Georgia is a member at Westside BC and helps with Mission Friends. She is the  student worker at BBA and is involved in helping with Lupus awareness. Georgia participated in Bible Drill for nine years and loves sharing her passion for Christ with others. She has been on several missions trips. She loves to sing and says that working with children is her passion.

Katie Stringer is a Senior Speech Communication Major at UMHB. She is the Outreach Minister at Everyday         Disciples Church and has been a leader in the UHMB “Random Acts of Kindness” Ministry. She has been on mission to Salt Lake and Galveston and has been a Cru Leader at UMHB. She loves  drama and acting and is excited to work with children again this summer. She will be going to West Texas A&M in the fall to     pursue her Masters.

Rebekah Mills is a Junior Education major at UMHB. She is a member of Pleasant Green BC in Longview where she has been a leader in Sunday School and VBS. She has been a Cru Leader at UMHB and loves all types of recreation and shopping. Rebekah is looking forward to spending her summer reaching out to youth and sharing her faith and passion for God.

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We still have dates open for service.
If you would like to  have the services of our Summer Missionaries, please contact Kathy Diaz at kathy.bba@sbcglobal.net


Rediscovering the Meaning of ‘Church’ in the 21st-Century
Who are we?       What Do We Do?
What Difference Does It Make?

With Dr. Bill Carrell on

Tuesday, May 23rd, 10:00-1:00
BBA Missions Center,
1125 College Street, Belton TX (UMHB Moon Bldg)

Throughout the ages, the followers of Christ have met together for worship, work and witness, but every new generation must rediscover the biblical, theological and practical reasons for the existence of the Church. Contemporary culture continually pressures the Church to mold itself to secular values. Churches are struggling with self-centered cultural norms and consumer-oriented values. Church leaders must once again listen to the Scripture and the Spirit to find the way of Christ for the Church.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (with lunch provided) the Bell Baptist Association (BBA) invites all church leaders to a seminar on the doctrine of the church led by Dr. Bill Carrell, Professor of Christian Studies and Director Church Relations at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Dr. Carrell will discuss the biblical origins of the church and the nature of the church as the “Body of Christ.” He will also explore contemporary discussions about the nature and content of worship, about attractional versus missional views of the church, about organic and organizational structures and about the different ways of “belonging” in congregations. Dr. Carrell will also present ways to maintain healthy congregational church governance in the face of pressures toward centralization and contraction of decision-making authority Finally, he will discuss ways churches can engage contemporary culture through community ministry and global mission.